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Live stand-up comedy is a fun and unique alternative to the traditional “safe” party atmosphere such as a: live band, or DJ.  Stand-up comedy can offer a much broader appeal, and frankly, everyone loves to laugh.  

Robert "Bobby" Goldsmith will bring his multitudes of talent to your next event where people are looking forward to an enjoyable experience.  Robert also has the ability to tailor his performances around your organization, company, or unique event.  Oh, and don't forget,  he can even include an inspiring message wrapped within his humorous presentation. It's clean, positive, and entertaining!  


Bring a stand-up comedy show to your next event.

Sit back and relax as Robert EnterTrains your Team!


Your guests will be smiling, laughing, and fully entertained by Roberts unique, quirky, witty humor. Perfect for private parties, conventions, training seminars, award ceremonies, business meetings, variety shows and much more. 

Hire A Comedian For Your Next Event

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