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Meet Robert

Entrepreneur, Best Selling International Author, Motivational Speaker, Comedian, Emcee, Business & Life Coach,  and  Financial Guru. 

Learning with Laughter

Robert Goldsmith


Where Inspiration, Education & Motivation

Meets Stand-up Comedy.

Raised on the rough streets of Brooklyn, N.Y., Robert overcame the challenges of alcohol & drug addiction. No, not "those kinds" of addictions... the ones we hear about far too often, Robert's referring to the "rubbing" alcohol he used to fake a fever to get a day off from school and the aspirin from the headaches he had growing-up with three (count them "3") sisters! "Oy-vey!“ A Graduate of the University of “Hard Knocks,” having lost his dad when just a boy, after years in the corporate world, Robert ventured on to the path of the entrepreneur . . . You know... "where you work 80-hours each week just to avoid working 40."


Although he is extremely entertaining, when it comes to your money he takes your business seriously employing unique strategies, ideas & concepts unbeknownst even to many advisors. Robert can offer ideas that assist you to reduce your taxes, save "strategically" for college, maximize your retirement income, and even obtain quality healthcare programs. He does all this to increase your bottom line, now and in the future.

Heading 2Re

Money May Not Buy Happiness but it can put you in a better bargaining position. Robert Goldsmith is a 35-year Financial Professional using ordinary products in extraordinary ways to help you achieve your financial dreams. A speaker, coach, and best selling author, Robert has been featured on affiliates of FOX, NBC, and CNN. His entertaining persona has also landed him on stages as a stand-up comic, and as the host of his groundbreaking "money talks" radio show, "From Diapers to It Depends"  which just happens to be the title of his upcoming book.




Robert hosts his own weekly "money talks" podcasts and has frequently appeared as the voice of the "Financial Tip of the Week," on The Drive Time Talk Radio Show; "Every Day with French & Friends," broadcast on 1590-WCGO-Chicago. 


The author of the humorous & award-winning book on business and integrity; “You're Earning What You Deserve... And That Sucks!”, as well as, a Co-Author of the Best-Selling Book “BOOM” (anchored by the Iconic Mark Victor Hansen-Chicken Soup), Robert is now a featured author in the INTERNATIONAL BEST-SELLING book to Empower Women; "Step Forward & Shine." Robert is working on his newest book where he shares his expertise in the financial world to guide you on the path to the financial security you deserve entitled; “From Diapers to It Depends!” ® 


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