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Robert has been inspiring & Entertaining audiences with his unique blend of Humor, Storytelling, and Life Experience, in a results-focused process. He engages his audiences while he delivers an informative message.

Planning a Special Live Event Add a Dynamic Keynote! 

  • Convention 

  • Corporate Events

  • Non-Profit 

  • Sales Training

  • Student Events

  • Christmas Parties

  • Awards Banquets

  • Employee Meetings

  • Training Sessions

  • After-Dinner

  • Luncheons

  • Workshops

  • Emcee

The perfect “inspirational or humorous” presentation always starts with understanding of your objectives. Robert will then tailor his program specifically created around your objectives and wraps them all into an entertaining, fun, and high-energy conversation.


The result is a motivational and humorous presentation that speaks to the heart and ENTER-TRAINS AUDIENCES FROM START TO FINISH! 

  • Effective Leadership

  • Importance of teamwork

  • Importance of focus at work

  • Believe in yourself

  • Conquer change

  • learning from your mistakes

  • Action vs Words

  • Positive thinking

  • You can win

  • Turn obstacles into opportunities

  • Dealing with Difficult people

  • Times up - Stop Procrastinating

  • Financial Literacy

  • Kids & Teens / Money

  • Advisor Training

  • Marriage - Men -Millennials - Money

  • Cleaner Standup Comedy

"You're Earning What You Deserve . . .  And That Sucks" TM 

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Stop Whining - Start Earning!


Change your Income and your life by changing the way you think. If you are not achieving the results, you desire. Obviously, something needs to change; typically you can find that change within you. 

"Nothing Changes Until You're Willing Change!" 

Take a step back and look at your life, but you must be honest with yourself. What can you do to change for the better? If you are honest, there are typically many areas that need to be altered or improved upon, the fact is, everyone at some point needs to make adjustments in life and it takes someone with the ability to look from outside to assist you in making that happen. The odds are if you find none, then either your lying, afraid, or you're not human.  Are you afraid of change?

" I Zigged when I should have Zagged "

Become the Leader you were meant to be!  

ROBERT+SUCCESS+PIX.jpg 2013-10-28-22:14:

Whatever the challenge at your company—improving customer service, coping with change, building teamwork, enhancing corporate culture, recruiting or retaining quality talent—it often comes down to one word...




Leadership can have very little to do with a title or a position.  According to Robert, It's what you do each and every day, even when no one is looking. It’s all about you! Who you are and who you want to be.


So, are you willing to do what it takes regardless of the circumstances? Let Robert help you become the leader that's inside you. In every situation, someone has to be that one willing to step up and lead; Someone has to take charge, take responsibility, and... he or she must know when it's time to "ZAG"!

The question is: will it be you? It doesn’t always have to be "the boss."



Full Steam Ahead


So, What's keeping you from moving forward?  

Even when you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there!

Are you tapping into your full potential? 

  • Half-in-half-out? Ready, willing and able to begin moving "Full steam ahead? "

  • Are you totally committed to your goal, employing all your energies?

  • If not, then what's holding you back?  

Almost everyone creates their own reasons for never having moved closer to their goals?

Excuses such as; "The timing wasn't just right. The entire economy isn't doing well. I just do not have enough capital!" But you know what?


There will always be reasons not to move forward! However, time is always moving! If you do not decide to press on, the time has a way of creeping up on you and eventually, you run out of time.

Allow me to help you create the options for yourself, to pull out that courage from within. 


But, but, but, Look behind you... that is where those "buts" belong... 

It's Time To Get Out Of The Quicksand

What is keeping you down?


How many times have you watched a movie where the hero is being sucked down into a pit of quicksand, only to be saved (at the very last minute) by another throwing out a rope to help & pull him out to safety? Good News; your rope may have just arrived.   


Did you know, that quicksand is only a condition of solid ground liquefied by the saturation of water making it difficult to move anywhere but down?  If you feel as though you're currently stuck in the quicksand of life... sucking you down into a bottomless pit... there is an answer.  


Just like quicksand, you find what obstacles are in keeping you down, so you can begin to counteract them and begin moving up. Sometimes that obstacle that is sucking you down is your mindset.

Don't Be Your Own Biggest Obstacle?

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