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Meet Robert "Bobby" Goldsmith

Best Selling International Author, Speaker, Comedian, Emcee,

Business & Life-Coach,  and  Financial Guru. 

Whoa! Is all that even possible

Can one person be capable of mastering all of those talents? Only an extraordinary person with a plethora of life experience can even relate. However, that’s precisely what you'll get with Robert. While it has been said that humans only use about 10% of our brain capacity,” Robert claims to have taken his abilities to new heights “accessing at least 12%!"




ROBERT's Speaking Evaluation 

Everybody Should Have a Personal Performance Coach... Robert is No Different.

Here is a snippet of Robert's Evaluation from Speaking Coaches:


“Robert you're a very energetic and polished speaker/coach. You have a natural ability to make people laugh. I love your storytelling about finances, you totally differentiate yourself from any other Financial advisor I have met. ”                         

—  Jason Evers 

Who Say's "You Can't Have It All" In One Speaker"

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