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Entertaining Master of Ceremonies

Need an Emcee or Host for Your Next Event?

The Multi-talented Robert "Bobby"  Goldsmith is an experienced speaker, but also has other skills in his tool box that might help make your event an even greater success.

Are you having a banquet or awards ceremony? Are you looking for someone to emcee your event? A good emcee will keep the event moving on track, running smoothly, all while engaging your audience.  Armed with the unique ability to step in when a speaker doesn't show, or offer comedic insights during breaks, your can rest assured your audience will never be bored. 


Robert has many years of experience emceeing events. He will give people the proper introduction, being careful to pronounce their names correctly. He will set the tone for the event, using humor where appropriate, but maintaining the dignity of the event as well.

Robert will do his research to get all of the information he needs to ensure your event goes smoothly and without a hitch! A good emcee knows that their job is to make the participants of the event look good. It’s all about them. Trust your special event to a trained professional like Robert Goldsmith!


As the official Master of Ceremonies for both the California and Texas International Pageants and often as an Emcee and host at local Comedy Venues, Robert is an established entertainer.

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