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Best Selling International Author, Motivational Speaker, Comedian, Emcee, Business & Life Coach,  and  Financial Guru. 

Learning with Laughter

Robert Goldsmith


Where Inspiration, Education & Motivation

Meets Stand-up Comedy.

Raised on the rough streets of Brooklyn, N.Y., Robert overcame the challenges of alcohol & drug addiction. No... not "those kinds" of addictions! In Robert's case, we're referring to the "rubbing alcohol" he used to pretend to have a fever to get a day off from school, and the aspirin for the headaches he had growing-up with three (count them "3") sisters! A graduate of the University of “Hard Knocks,” having lost his dad when just a boy, after years in the corporate world, Robert ventured on to the path of the entrepreneur . . . You know, "where you work 80-hours each week just to avoid working 40."


By now, you have probably realized Robert loves to be sarcastic, to entertain, and to make people laugh. However, when it comes to business, he takes it seriously.  A Self-Made Millionaire with over three decades of experience in Leadership, Sales, Coaching, and in the Financial Services industry, Robert has been referred to as a "true breath of fresh air," as he makes learning fun.


An expert in the field of finance, insurance, and retirement many have referred to him as "The Advisor's Advisor." When it comes to selling Robert understands "the art of the sale, which he claims "isn't really selling at all," but teaching people how to persuade themselves. Robert achieved success in one of the most challenging industries to thrive, and one in which only a small percentage will even survive. 


Recognized as that individual who takes the lead in almost any endeavor, when you add in his ability to make people laugh what you have is..."THE ENTERTRAINER!"  Robert attributes his success to his ability to look and work outside of that "proverbial box" that most people want to keep us in.  He motivates, inspires, and educates audiences nationwide as he makes them laugh and cry while sharing special skillsets to assist everyone to learn from his business and personal life experiences. 


Robert hosts his own weekly "Financial 411" podcasts and has frequently appeared as the voice of the "Financial Tip of the Week," on The Drive Time Talk Radio Show; "Every Day with French & Friends," broadcast on 1590-WCGO-Chicago. 


The author of the humorous & award-winning book on business and integrity; “You're Earning What You Deserve... And That Sucks!”, as well as, a Co-Author of the Best-Selling Book “BOOM” (anchored by the Iconic Mark Victor Hansen-Chicken Soup), Robert is now a featured author in the INTERNATIONAL BEST-SELLING book to Empower Women; "Step Forward & Shine." Robert is currently working on his newest book where he will share his expertise in the financial world to guide you on the path to the financial security you deserve entitled; “From Diapers to It Depends!” ® 

Finally, as an accomplished Standup Comedian, Robert Brings Laughter into many events including year-end award ceremonies, holiday events, as well as sales & leadership conferences. 


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