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"Being a life-long learner is the greatest secret of life-long success"

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Selecting the perfect keynote speaker for your upcoming financial responsibility event is an important decision. You'll want ...

  • Someone that can offer insights & education from the industry. . .

  • Someone that can be share unique ideas & concepts that can have an impact, 

  • Someone Willing to be There even after the event is done!

  • Someone that "Make the difference" for your organization.


The good news is... with Robert you get all that and more. 


A life-long Financial Professional, Robert Goldsmith is an International Best-Selling Author, Motivational Speaker, where you can anticipate an informative, engaging & entertaining experience for your next event. 



If it's true that experience is the best educator, then having a person with experience in your life is the next best thing.  Robert is an expert in the world of money referred to as "The Advisor's Advisor." He has also mastered the art of the sale (which frankly, isn't really selling at all) in one of the most challenging industries to succeed.  Reach out to Robert to discuss how can create a personalized presentation to meet the needs for your upcoming event. 

Excerpts From a Financial Workshop

Robert shares strategies that can be applied immediately, gets the audience involved, and promotes positive thinking customized for the financial industry. 

"Leadership is the capacity of an individual to discover their passion, develop their vision and deploy their greatness that elevates them personally and creates the ability to empower others to do the same."

"If your dream can be achieved by you alone your dream is not big enough. Great dreams demand great teams."


Robert has a range of topics that include - leadership - motivation - vision - change - success - opportunity - strength. Below are sample topics only from a selection of Robert’s most frequently requested presentations - but you can chose one topic or a mixture of messages-and the presentation is always customized to your conference needs & theme.

Leadership - Its time to take off the training wheels

How to start believing in yourself? Become the leader you were meant to be

Personal experience is more valuable than knowledge gained at school.

Your last failure is where your next success begins.

The importance of confidence and Leadership.

Self leadership is the most important decision you will make everyday.

Whoever you follow in life, will determine how you lead your life.

Obstacles - Turn obstacles into Opportunities

You are your biggest obstacle

Every obstacle you face is a test for you to pass so you can grow to your next level.

Obstacles are the doors that are locked shut, we need to be the key that opens them

Obstacles are normal in every person’s life, but you can create success by overcoming them.

A dream that is worth pursuing will have many obstacles! Every obstacle becomes a stepping stone to your next...

Change - Can't is a Four letter word

Positive change will never happen if negative thinking is tolerated.

A decision to do nothing is a decision for nothing. A decision to do something is a decision for change.

If you are not changing and growing for the better, nothing around you will ever get better.

Focus on what you can do rather then waste energy on what you can't

Actions vs Words

The winning is in the asking - Failing to ask for the business

Communication Ramifications - 'its not what you say but how you say it."

How to improve your conversation skills.

Turn your no into a yes

Your Earning what you Deserve and that sucks

The Misunderstood profession - The real value of a Financial Advisor!

The Identity Crisis - Who am I?

The Employee "vs" The Entrepreneur mindset

Every lesson that you learn from your past that makes you better, transforms a stumbling block into a stepping stone.

The only thing more important than a decision is the timing of the decision.


Excuses are the poison that keep you from growing forward toward success.

But but but.... Look behind you that is where your but(t) belongs... I know BUT...

Excuses are the poison that keep you from growing forward toward success.

Making excuses for why something didn’t get done will keep you from reaching your goal

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Who knew Financial Advisors workshop could be so much fun?

Increase Knowledge, Confident, And Sales


There comes a point in your career when you're ready to take your Professional Financial practice to the next level and become The trusted financial professional. Most sales training programs are ultimately nothing more than ‘one-size-fits-all’ general sales theory by individuals with no experience in the insurance industry whatsoever. Our educational and Coaching programs will assist you to stay ahead of the competition, using unconventional financial methods to make the most efficient use of your clients hard earned dollars. 


  • Overcome your Plateau - you can't hit if you do not swing

  • Unique Concepts to separate yourself from the Competition - don't just think different, think better

  • Strategy - Are you asking the right questions - The questions you ask will determine the answers you get

  • Knowing - What you don't know can hurt you

  • Elevate - If you elevate your thinking you can elevate your business

What makes Robert unique with his Workshops & Coaching programs is that he has been in the Financial Services for over 35 years and he will teach you how to use Financial products while motivating, educating, and entertaining you at the same time.  


 Vision - Knowledge - Action

Each coaching program is distinctively tailored to match the advisor’s objectives, through services ranging from individual and team coaching, 


Developing a sustainable and profitable business while balancing work and family life is a constant challenge, even for today's best financial advisors. Robert will help to build the business of your dreams by establishing a foundation for continued success. Our coaching programs are tailored to match the organizers objectives, through services ranging from individual and team coaching. 



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It has been an awesome privilege to be working with Robert Goldsmith. His coaching style has made a significant impact on me, both in my business & my professional life. He has taught me effective strategies for enhancing communication with clients (that I use personally) as well as, how to think "outside of that proverbial box." Robert's enthusiasm for the people he works with combined with his direct & no nonsense approach makes him a valuable commodity as both a business and financial coach. It is without any reservations at all that I recommend Robert to anyone looking to take their business to another level.

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—  Jim Hicks, Lodi CA